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So it has been a hectic couple of months! The last time I updated, I had been having problems with being too filled from my adjustment..

I got through that okay and got another adjustment soon after.. And that one was too much too!

I went for a few weeks, hoping and praying that it would get easier to eat but it never really did..

In the middle of February, I had to go back to the hospital after throwing up about 5 times while Carmine and I were eating..

The doctor could not get me in for another adjustment until last Friday..

During the few weeks without saline, I did manage to keep the weight off but I also didn't lose any more..

However, I am proud to report tonight that I am MINUS 81 LBS!

I am well on my way again!

I have been on a liquid diet since Friday and tonight I had some mashed potatoes..

They went down fine so I assume I am okay to eat them again tomorrow..

I am just taking this adjustment very slowly so I won't have the same problem I had before..

One thing that bothers me is that I still feel like the same person, like I look like the same person anyway.. I mean, I feel HUGE still and it bothers me! I look in the mirror and I see NO difference.. I mean, I am not stupid, I know my clothes are fitting differently but I still can't see much of a difference..

And it irritates me!

Carmine has been great, he is always telling me how good I am doing and all but I usually don't believe him! I just feel huge.. That's the only way I can describe it..

Hopefully it will get better, I would like to be able to look in the mirror and see a big difference..

Guess that will take some time..

Anyway, that's my update for now, I promise to update this more often.. If there is anyone reading it anymore, lol..

Love you guys!
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