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Doing better!

I am doing better today than I was yesterday.. I was in so much pain! Plus they gave me a prescription for Liquid Percoset and I am ALLERGIC to it so I haven't taken it.. So I have done this so far with no pain meds.. That's why it is harder on me I guess...

Went to Walmart with my mom today and then Carmine came and got me and I went home for a few hours! I saw my babies and got a few things I needed here.. Now I am sitting here kinda bored, having my dinner (1/2 cup of beef broth, I have to spend an hour eating it, 1 ounce every 15 minutes) and watching TV...

This has been a very weird experience! You never know how much you rely on your stomach muscles until you can't use them! I have 5 incisions, they are each about 2 inches wide and 4 of them go across my stomach, above my belly button and then there is one (I think it's the incision that holds the port they use to inject saline into the band) to the right, on my chest but near the bottom of my right breast...

Other than that, I guess I will go, I am going to shop on eBay! I have lots of Christmas gifts to start looking for and am hoping to get a few of those out of the way with next month's check.. Take care all!!!!!!
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