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So today was okay I guess.. No real news... We had pizza for dinner, I am going to miss that pizza, the pizza here is so much better than any other pizza I have ever had! I could only eat 2 slices... Which kinda stinks because that will probably be my last time to have pizza for a LONG time and I could only eat 2 slices, lol..

I have been trying to price protein powders, I found some on eBay that seemed pretty good, I am going to check the prices at Walmart tomorrow and make the decision on which to get.. Hopefully I can find them cheap!

I have also decided that, after I have lost at least half of the weight, I may look into taking Tae Bo.. Only because it is different and a way to work out by doing something new.. I will probably join Curves as soon as I am allowed to work out but thought that would be something neat to do along with that...

We will see... lol

Other than that, nothing going on here, I need to go clean this house! Goodnight!
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