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Sitting here watching the wheels go round and round...

Okay so I had to call my doctor today because they mailed me a prescription for 1 500mg pill to take the day before surgery and I am allergic to it! Some may see this as a bad sign but I am trying to take it as a good one, point is, had I not had that bladder infection 2 months ago, I would never know I am allergic to Levaquin! Imagine me taking that pill the day before surgery?? I would have been in the hospital all right, but I would have been in the ER because of my reaction to it! Then I guess my surgery would have been put off...

Other than that, things are okay here... Carmine is taking me to a Chinese Buffet tonight... That's actually HIS idea, I am not craving Chinese at all! But I might after the surgery so I guess I will just go and eat because I won't be able to do that for a very long time...

At least he is taking me to the one I actually like and they have other things on the buffet than just Chinese.. I just think I have eaten so much Chinese since moving to Jersey that I am sick of it! Maybe that's a good thing..

I never eat much on buffets anyway, believe it or not..

I also called the pharmacy to see if any protein powders could possibly be covered by my insurance, they are so expensive to me! The guy gave me a site to go to to get them cheaper but still.. I have so many things to buy before the surgery!

I put this wish list together just so I know what I still need.. I may never get this stuff bought!

Well, the bike I really won't need until the spring because of the snow and ice we are going to have during the winter here.. Can you imagine me riding a bike on the ice and falling and BREAKING MY ARM or something?? I can.. LOL!

I want to get this little indoor grill thing too, I have heard that grilled food is better for me and there is no grilling outside here!!

And now I have to buy protein powders, a pill crusher, all kinds of food/liquid things I will need (Jello, broth, SF pudding, yogurt, LOTS of decaf teabags, etc) and supplements that they said I need to get... Oh, and vitamins!! Fun fun!!

Anyway, that's all for today! I will update more later!! :)

***UPDATE AT 11:30 PM***

What a mistake it was to have Chinese tonight! We didn't even make it 5 miles from the restaurant before I had to stop because I was sick! YUCK! Never again!!!! I'm kind of GLAD I won't have to go back there!! LOL!! :)

I do feel better now but what a waste of money THAT was!

Okay, enough of my rant, I am going to sleep... It is rainy and yucky out and I am a little tired... Have a lot to do tomorrow!! Night!!
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