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So I hit my 100lb mark a few weeks ago but I managed to put a few pounds on during Gina's visit so I am officially BACK to MINUS 100 LBS!

I know I have a little ways to go but I am almost there!

I am now wearing a size 14 Misses jeans and XL shirt!! That is a HUGE difference from 26/28 jeans and 3-4x shirts!!

Here is a new comparison -- Most of you received this by email but I figured I would still post it..

When I see pics like this, I really can tell I have lost weight, lol..

I can't believe I used to actually LOOK like that! My GOD!

I am so happy I had this surgery! Even Carmine is looking into having it!

Anyway, I will definitely update more later, right now I have to go to bed!

Hope everyone is well!!!!!!!!
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