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Okay so.......

I managed to gain a little weight back.. I had no saline in my band for almost a month I think but I went back last Friday and got it filled again..

I had gained about 10 lbs when I went back.. I don't think it was ALL eating, I also had a period that just ended so I say a few pounds came from the water weight from that..

However, I am proud to say that I am officially down 85lbs as of right now.. I have lost 13 pounds since my adjustment.. I think my body was just WAITING for me to go back on a liquid diet as I am on now..

Tomorrow I start on pudding, mashed potatoes and protein shakes again.. I am actually looking forward to that lol..

I am officially wearing normal clothes now.. I mean, I still have some plus sized things but I am actually fitting into smaller tops and pants, these are like size XL.. My clothes FIT now, I am no longer wearing HUGE clothes that make me look horrible.. I am actually comfortable wearing things that fit me, that is a major change..

Here is a pic from March 31, my b'day:

And here is one from Easter Sunday, yesterday:

I was just looking back at the pics I have posted here on my journal and I really can see a difference!

And my Carmine has been so wonderful, so full of compliments.. I love it when he tells me he can really tell a difference and I love it when he says the things he does about me.. For the first time in a very long time, I am happy with myself (although I still have a way to go) and I am not shying away from people.. I am no longer insecure around people, I am actually starting to get my confidence back..

This surgery has changed my life in such ways that the good definitely outweighs the bad.. The way I feel is WORTH the hassles I have had to go through with the too-tight adjustments and not being to eat some of my favorite foods (pizza, steak, pork chops, bread, etc.. I also miss Pepsi but it's okay, lol)..

It is really worth it to me..

Anyway, my pumpkin is already in bed so I think I will go to sleep too! Love you all!
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