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This picture of me and mom was taken on September 12, 2006...

These were taken tonight, a little over 2 months later and minus 41 pounds now!

I keep thinking I can't see much difference... What do you all think???

Oh, and I had my adjustment on Friday, here is the bruise I got from that... And you can also see one of my incisions, it is about an inch and a half... The pic of the bruise was taken when I got home from getting the adjustment, imagine what it looked like the next day!

(And they say the adjustments don't hurt, MINE DID)

The incision in the pic is about 3 inches above my bellybutton, just so you know what you are looking at...

Anyway, I am off to bed! Take care!! :)
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November 21 2006, 16:46:42 UTC 10 years ago

Good Lord, you must be blind not to see the difference!!! You look TERRIFIC!!!! It's like you are shrinking in.....I can surely see the difference!!!!! WOW!!


November 21 2006, 16:47:50 UTC 10 years ago

I got so caught up in the difference in the pictures, I forgot to sign the other comment.....

I love you,




November 21 2006, 21:07:46 UTC 10 years ago

ohmygawd, this is fantabulous. i'm so very proud of u, but then again, i already was. the difference is unbelieveable.....and it's just gonna get better and better and better. hope u r doing ok, now that u r adjusting 2 the tighter band. u go girl!!!!!!!!!!!