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Sorry it has been a few days since my last post! I am still here!! lol

I have struggled lately with eating right and getting enough protein.. It is hard to get this in when you can't eat a lot.. To date I have only gotten sick while eating twice.. Once was on roast beef and once was on turkey.. I need to be more careful and chew more, that is why I got sick because I didn't chew it well enough..

I have lost about 30 pounds so far, which I hear is good because once you start eating real food again, you usually gain back some of what you had already lost while your body adjusts.. So I am still losing which is good!!

Won't go into much detail here but I got my period for the first time in like 16 months so I am suffering right now, making up for those lost months!!

I have heard that the stress of surgery can sometimes bring your period on... Guess that's true.. :(

Anyway, I am trying to get the kitchen cleaned so I need to go, just wanted to let you all know I am still here!!! :)
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