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My First Entry...

So here it is 11 days before my surgery... I have to say, things have been a little stressful around here with this whole surgery thing... I have been through so many tests that I have doctor bills coming in the mail daily! I will never get all of these doctors paid off! But hopefully it will be worth it...

Yesterday was a little chaotic for me.. I had done the Pre-Admission Screening at Saint Barnabas Hospital (where I am having my surgery) and got the call yesterday morning that my EKG came back abnormal. I went into full adrenaline mode and started flipping out.. All of my other EKG's had come back fine! This could have kept me from having surgery...

I rushed to my cardiologist and made him do a new EKG.. It came back NORMAL and the nurse showed me proof that the girl at Saint Barnabas had put the leads on WRONG!

Talk about chaos!

Other than that, I received the booklet in the mail today from Dominga, my doctor's nurse.. Looks like I will be having a real blast with the foods/um liquids I can have for the first little while..

I know I can do this, I know I can change my eating habits and lose this weight but it is just scary looking at what my menu will be over the next several weeks..

I have been told to enjoy the foods I won't be able to have this last week.. I know I want to go to Texas Roadhouse and I also want to eat a burrito.. I wouldn't mind having some KFC too because I won't be able to eat fried foods again so maybe I can talk Carmine into going there..

Anyway, so this is my new journal for my journey through this new life.. I will try and update it as much as I can to give my progress and you can also click the link at the top right that says "User Info" and I will have a little ticker there to show the pounds I have lost..

At this time, my surgery is scheduled for October 9 at Saint Barnabas in Livingston.. I just hope nothing else goes wrong over the next 11 days to prevent me from having this surgery because I really do want to have it...

Will update more as the surgery gets closer!!
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