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Moving Right Along!

Okay, so I have been moving right along here... I was able to get a brand new Magic Bullet off of eBay for only $31! I am so excited!! Those are almost $65 at Walmart!! So I will no longer need the food processor (at least for now) or the stick blender.. I have removed those from the wish list too!

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse last night with Toni & Rodger! That will be my last steak for a long time! It was very good!!

I heard from the hospital, they want me there Monday morning at 5:30, my surgery is scheduled for 7:30... It is definitely sinking in now, I am having surgery in less than 72 hours... Whoa...

Wow.. That just hit me..

I am still a little scared but I think it is getting better. I hope they can give me a little something to calm me down at the hospital, I was told they would..

Anyway, I need to wake Carmine up, he is napping, and we are heading to my last Taco Hell (lol) meal! I will update more when I get the chance! :D
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