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Got Clearance Letter!!

My PCP gave me the letter of clearance for the surgery! I knew he would but it was just a matter of him doing it.. I had to have the letter by tomorrow in order to have the surgery so I went and saw him today and he faxed it to them today so I am all set! I have about 5 days until my surgery! Now I am starting to get nervous...

I want to have this surgery, I am just a little scared of being put to sleep and having any complications.. I want to do this to BETTER my life, not end it... I don't mean to sound so blunt but I am a little nervous.. I have never had major surgery before and I have only been put to sleep like 2 times in my life and both those times I was still a minor... So I didn't think about things like this then...

I know the next several days are going to be spent being a little stressed about what I am about to do... It is just a little hard for me to grasp... But hopefully things will be okay..

I think I am going to get off of this computer now, I have a few other things I want to do before bed... I just wanted to come out here and update!

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