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Monday Night Football...

Well, the Eagles CREAMED the Packers... I guess that was the highlight of my night?? LOL

Anyway, I am a little excited because I found a blood pressure monitor in this magazine for only $17! I need one of those so I am ordering it this week! :) How depressing is that? I need a life! I get this excited over a BP monitor?? lol

I have updated my Wish List and removed that as well as the Food Scale because I got one of those the other day too... I am moving right along!!

I don't think I will buy a scale yet, I think I will probably be weighing myself every day so I will just ask my doctor if I can run by and use his scale once a week... I think that will be best for right now.. Once I am losing at a regular pace I will probably get one...

I think I will buy the Iced Tea Maker this week too, that is something I really think I will need... I want to make a few gallons of decaf tea to have in the fridge for the first week or so... I will make it about every 3-4 days after that, I don't want it to go sour!!

I have also decided to possibly forgo the food processor and stick blender thing, I may just buy a Magic Bullet, that is everything in one! I won't need it until about the 2nd - 3rd week anyway so I can maybe get one off eBay... So that just leaves me with the Pedometer and the grill! I won't need the grill for a while because it will be several weeks before I even try to eat real food so I will just get the Pedometer, maybe I can get one of those off eBay too... Bicycle here I come! That will be all that's left after that and they have that in my local Walmart so I may break and buy it in December if I can! I will just wait and ride it in the spring but I still want to go ahead and get it in case it isn't cheap then!

I have made a list of things I need to take to the hospital with me and am going to the store tomorrow to get the groceries (maybe)... I may wait until Wednesday because I will hopefully have $$ in the bank by then and I could get everything at once... Who knows, I may go tomorrow because I will be out, I have to go to the doctor and hopefully get the Letter of Clearance from my PCP... Fingers crossed on that one!

Anyway, I think I will go and call Mike and see what he's up to and then I am going to bed!! :)
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