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Football Sunday...

Football Sunday is like a holiday around here.. Lots of food and no one dares to call Carmine for a chat... Television is on all day and there is nothing in the world that will make him leave the house... lol

Reminds me of Thanksgiving.. But I don't mind it...

This morning I was going to make my guy some homemade Blueberry muffins.. I did so well on them until the end.. The recipe called for a "Crumb Topping" and so I made that.. But I messed it all up and didn't realize until later that I had. The muffins never cooked, LOL...

So I made Cinnabon Rolls.. Those were good..

Next comes a meat and cheese tray and cookies..

Tonight will be burritos..

Now, mind you, we don't eat ALL of the stuff, we just nibble here and there...

I actually fear my first Football Sunday after surgery.. I will only be allowed to have 1/2 cup of Jello..

Maybe that's why I wanted to really go all out today, I really wanted those muffins to turn out good... Oh well..

Next Sunday I have to be on a liquid diet because I will be having surgery the next day.. So this is my LAST Sunday to be able to eat.. This is going to be so weird..

Yesterday we went to Walmart and got a few things I will need plus we priced a lot of stuff so I can go back this week and get it..

Then last night we watched "Fun With Dick & Jane" with Jim Carrey.. It was cute but kind of stupid..

Anyway, I am trying to get the kitchen cleaned before I make the burritos later so I guess I will go! If anyone reads this anytime today, feel free to call me because I am totally available to talk, lol.. He will be watching football til 11:00 tonight...
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